Thursday, November 16, 2017

....suddenly, birds.

What was once a relatively well-manicured blog, blooming with frequent updates, has become a weed-infested, neglected spot of the internet.

This doesn't surprise me. I've never been a model of consistency.

You wanna see some stuff I've been working on?

 I dont even LIKE birds. I like to draw them, though. These two particular pieces were just for my own education and enlightenment, but a lot of people responded favorably to them. Enough people that I made prints that are for sale in the Etsy Shop (see link in sidebar!).

Now, though, I'm in a dry spell where nothing works, nothing is good, and it feels easier to just quit trying. Any motivational poster or inspirational quote site will tell you that that's precisely the moment when you should dig in your heels and try HARDER... Whether or not I respond that way remains to be seen. Watch this space.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Some New Business

I had thoughts of starting a new series of animal/food mashups. I did a sort of introduction piece (snail with a cinnamon roll shell) and then sort of... stopped. I had a lot of great ideas, mined from my friends' kids... but, I guess I lost interest? I'm not sure really. Maybe I'll revisit it, later.


So as I'm floundering around, attempting to find my next project, I doodled this in my "300 Drawing Prompts" sketchbook.

They put "hula dancer" right next to "slice of pie" and since I'm an efficient sort of gal I figured... why not?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Blognesia: when you have a blog that you sort of forget about for (checks watch) going on six months now.

A few of those months were spent not doing anything art related, aside from the occasional awful sketch. I'm starting to come back out of that again and I've done a few things that I'm willing to share with you, the person who accidentally ended up here while searching for a cannoli recipe.

In no particular order:

A commissioned tribute to my late uncle, Bernie:

A botanical print-inspired painting that I did for the cover of my work's writing publication that turned out to be quite popular, so I made prints of it:

A devotee of the 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast, I was hesitant to see the remake. Overall, I thought it was great, but the Beast's face really bothered me. I still can't put my finger on why. But I decided to draw the original version as sort of a "detox":

Finally, I've started a new series of food/animal mashups. I've started off with a snall that has a cinnamon roll shell:

I will, of course, color this eventually.