Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Falling Food

During the entire month of November, a lovely coffee shop, in a lovely suburb of Columbus, Ohio, has agreed to exhibit my work on their walls!

Exciting, right?

Since this "entire month" isn't until November, I decided I wanted to to work on a series to display instead of just a mish-mash of random pieces of my work. I decided to go waaaaay back and resurrect my falling food idea, born in the dark ages of this blog (don't go back and find them, there's nothing pretty back there).

As of right now, my plan is to do five images with (I think) identical backgrounds to unify them. I'm not totally sold on that yet, and these three are still in the messin'-around stage.

Aside from these three, I also have falling ice cream cone, and a spilling coffee/falling partially-eaten donut. 

I wanted some feedback on these, though. So before I get too much further, I decided to offer them up on the alter of Internet Scrutiny.