Monday, February 22, 2016

Shameless Self-Promotion Take II

In my last post, I not-so-subtly steered you towards my relatively new Etsy store.

In THIS post, I'm reaching for higher heights of not-even-close-to-subtle by advertising two of my latest pieces of silliness that are available for purchase on the aforementioned, not-at-all-subtly-advertised Etsy store.

First up:

Toast with a butter pat eye patch! I thought this up at work one day and had so much positive feedback about it that I decided to make it available for purchase. (See what happens if you encourage me?)


This was another idea hatched during a doodling session at work. (Winter is a slow time of year, don't judge).  I don't have much of a story about this guy. He just sort of showed up and I let him hang around.

He sorta makes me smile, though.

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