Friday, November 18, 2016

Stuff That I've Been Doing!

So, I've been doing stuff!

While that stuff hasn't been reflected here on my blog, it has been reflected in real-life settings in and around Columbus, Ohio.

I was asked to be November's "featured artist" at Highline Coffee Company in Worthington, Ohio! The last few posts have touched on the series I did especially for that engagement.

Here are the finished products, up on the wall, ready for public consumption!

My mother and my husband are my own personal paparazzi and insisted on posing me with my work. So here's that...
 Adorable... moving on...

The continuing care community that I'm privileged to work for has an annual craft fair that I finally participated in this year. I spent a lot of time getting ready for that event and not a lot of time doing anything ELSE.

Need proof:


I'm doing another show like this on the first Saturday of December, as well.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, I finally started a Facebook page for my squiggles. Check it out HERE.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Order Up!

Previously on Sarah's Got A Drawing Blog: I mentioned that my work will be hanging in Highline Coffee Co. in beautiful Worthington, Ohio for the entire month of November!

How d'ya like them apples?! 

See the previous blog post for an explanation of sorts. Here's the (I think) finished series!

They'll be in simple, white frames with white mats. The final print size will be 8x10.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Falling Food

During the entire month of November, a lovely coffee shop, in a lovely suburb of Columbus, Ohio, has agreed to exhibit my work on their walls!

Exciting, right?

Since this "entire month" isn't until November, I decided I wanted to to work on a series to display instead of just a mish-mash of random pieces of my work. I decided to go waaaaay back and resurrect my falling food idea, born in the dark ages of this blog (don't go back and find them, there's nothing pretty back there).

As of right now, my plan is to do five images with (I think) identical backgrounds to unify them. I'm not totally sold on that yet, and these three are still in the messin'-around stage.

Aside from these three, I also have falling ice cream cone, and a spilling coffee/falling partially-eaten donut. 

I wanted some feedback on these, though. So before I get too much further, I decided to offer them up on the alter of Internet Scrutiny.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Clouded Vision

Working digitally can burn you out. There are times where I need to get away from the computer screen and get some paint on my hands. I felt the need this weekend to do just that. For lack of a better subject I painted some clouds.

This is an 8.5x11 canvas board. My mother immediately claimed it as soon as she saw it.


I bought some little itty bitty 2x2 canvases a while back because... reasons. I finally decided to do something with one of them.

If you really, really like that little one, you're in LUCK! It's for sale!

Friday, June 17, 2016

No Picture, Just Rant

First, let's get this out of the way: For any of you in the greater Columbus, Ohio area, you can now buy prints of my work at the Ohio Art Market, in Uptown Westerville! If you don't have a geographical proximity to Westerville, Ohio, may I suggest that you visit my Etsy Store?

Self-promoting makes me itch. I'm not used to doing so and am under the distinct impression that I have no cause to do so.

I'm trying to get over that.

In an effort to "get over that" I contacted the lovely folks at the above-mentioned establishment and they agreed to carry prints of my work in their store.... where I could potentially make, like, actual money, spent by actual real people who have no vested interest in me whatsoever.

It's weird and I'm trying to get over that.

It's one thing to hide in my office and draw stuff that I don't have to show to anyone else, but to offer up those drawings for public display, all wrapped up in shiny cello sleeves with a business card in the back that screams "I think you should trade your hard earned money for this picture of a snake!"... that's a different thing, entirely.

It's weird and I'm trying to get over that.

I know I've been tending this blog for awhile now, but I post with the distinct impression that no one reads it, anyway. But physical evidence of my attempted art, in a retail setting, on display for public consumption? It's weird.

...and I'm trying to get over that.

I have no idea what to expect from this new venture. I could sell everything I've given them to display... or I could sell nothing. I just decided that I was tired of being afraid and I needed to test the waters.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Eye for an Eye

...or in this case, eyes.

Several years ago, and for reasons now forgotten, I sculpted out of beach sand a likeness of my dear friend Scott. There had to have been a good reason for that as I don't normally going around building effigies of my friends.


Not long after that, Scott repaid the favor and built one of me when he and his family were at the beach. Well, yesterday, I find THIS in my Facebook newsfeed:

Yeah, I know... Me. Again! They got tired of waiting for me to build another Sand Scott, and went again and made ANOTHER Sand Sarah.

Well, I was raised better than to just leave such gestures unanswered so I did the only thing I could do in land-locked Ohio:

I had to strike while the iron was hot, so I cranked this out from start to finish in just one afternoon (and it shows). 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Of Giraffes and Cupcakes

I've had some computer issues that lately have kept me from getting much work done. Fortunately, my Personal IT Guy (i.e. my husband) rescued me with some upgraded RAM, or magical PC glitter, or a chip made from unicorn blood or whatever it is you kids are using these days.

So now that I'm back in business, I can keep messing THIS up:

I just can't come to a combination of texture/brighter colors that I like. Plus every time I take a blender brush to it I lose my mind and muddy everything up all over again.

I was tired of muddy giraffes, so I did something quick and fun for a little chance of scenery.

Fun, right? I love drawing food almost as I love eating it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Smug Giraffe

In case you haven't yet made your day's quota of smug giraffes...

This mainly served as a rehearsal of sorts for a larger illustration that I've been tossing around ideas for, but it also needed to be done to shake the cobwebs off of my brain. They settle so quickly, anymore.

Darn brain spiders.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Sad Tom!

First, please reference this post...

Now that you've done that you're able to to understand why Sad Tom Brady is my favorite kind of Tom Brady.

That drawing was from a year ago but I still love it. I decided recently to spiff it up by relining and recoloring it, though, because the first time around was pretty quick 'n' dirty seeing as how I wanted a quick turn around for the benefit of my social media cohorts.

My decision to redo it had nothing to do with the NFL's recent announcement of a four game suspension for Sir Tom here. That was just a happy accident.

So here they are... Old Sad Tom on the top, New & Improved Sad Tom on the bottom.

See? Much spiffier!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

And Now For Something Completely Different

I've been in a sort of transitional mode lately. Besides dealing with some stupid "life stuff" that's periodically sucked the drawing energy out of me, I just decided I was tired of what I was doing art-wise. I guess that's healthy, right? Progress and avoiding stagnation and all that stuff?

My mom exploited the fact that I love her and that she raised me and brought me up to be a functional, productive member of society and what not, by asking me to do a painting for her.  Her only stipulation was "something that feels like the ocean"


Fast forward through the ensuing 80's-style movie montage of me agonizing over what to paint, throwing out ideas, and generally being frustrated, and we come up with this:

If you squint in a dark room? Pow. Ocean.

All joking aside, I'm really quite happy with it. So is my mom, so that's what really matters. She now has a lovely original Sarah Wells on her wall and I've now got space in my office again (it's 3'x4').

Hey! Have I mentioned that I have an Etsy store? I have? Well, too bad... I have an Etsy store.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Shameless Self-Promotion Take II

In my last post, I not-so-subtly steered you towards my relatively new Etsy store.

In THIS post, I'm reaching for higher heights of not-even-close-to-subtle by advertising two of my latest pieces of silliness that are available for purchase on the aforementioned, not-at-all-subtly-advertised Etsy store.

First up:

Toast with a butter pat eye patch! I thought this up at work one day and had so much positive feedback about it that I decided to make it available for purchase. (See what happens if you encourage me?)


This was another idea hatched during a doodling session at work. (Winter is a slow time of year, don't judge).  I don't have much of a story about this guy. He just sort of showed up and I let him hang around.

He sorta makes me smile, though.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shameless Self Promotion

In case you missed it back in November, I wanted to shamelessly advertise that I now have an Etsy store and you should really consider visiting it, buying everything I have (which isn't much yet), and telling your friends to do the same.

Don't you want to do your part to contribute to my general happiness, feeling of well-being, and student loan repayment? Then click HERE!

Do you really WANT to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry?  If not, then click HERE... or that song will be stuck in your head all day. I have that kind of power! Don't test me!

Saturday, February 13, 2016


What's an "ocetot"?

Why... it's an ocelot combined with a tater tot! (and also not my idea, but a request from an odd friend)

Thursday, February 11, 2016


I drew a piece of toast with a butter pat as an eye patch.

Why did I draw a piece of toast with a butter pat as an eye patch?

I don't know.

So... here's a piece of toast with a butter pat as an eye patch.