Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bath Mat Math Bat

My friend Meredith (who,with her husband and daughter, up and moved to Oregon several years ago never, ever, ever to be forgiven by their friends The Wells) had a conversation with someone wherein the phrase "bath mat" was substituted with "math bat"

Naturally, purveyor of odd drawing requests that I am, I was asked to draw a "math bat."

So I did! And It's breathtaking the lengths that I went to to NOT have to draw bat feet.

I deserve a medal.

This isn't colored. This is rough. This is sloppy. My Official Excuse is that I was busy at work today and this evening I'm going to see Star Wars. You can't begrudge me that excuse because STAR WARS.

So here's this:

And here's this upside down so you can see it better and marvel at how poorly that calculator is drawn.

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