Monday, October 26, 2015

Excessive Project Pictures!

I just completed the biggest project I've ever taken on and it didn't kill me.

This is surprising.

I was asked to design and execute murals for an entire children's hallway at my church. We needed something modern and clean to match a recent renovation, but it also had to be kid friendly. Because I get so anxious about doing murals, the stretch leading up to this one has been a challenging one. There are months of edits and planning behind the end result, but it was worth it I think.

Both hallways are 40' long by 8' tall. Thanks to a teacher friend, I was able to procure a short-throw projector so that my drawing could be projected onto the wall in segments, thus saving me the need to freehand everything on-site... a process that would've caused me sizable emotional turmoil and a straight jacket fitting.

I used a white conte stick to trace my drawing onto the wall. Thanks to my husband/logistical coordinator/moral support/cutest man in the universe, my drawing file was scaled and calibrated so as not to be warped or off level when projected. After that step, I outlined all of my chalk lines with paint and had some lovely folks come and help with the filling in of the solid areas.

I estimate my on site time to be around 15 hours. That's not including the same amount of time from my husband and the three or so hours each from my helpers.This was not a small job!

I am exceedingly happy with the results, though, and that's something I never say about anything I do.

Wanna see it?