Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Project Dump

While looking back at some of my older posts, I noticed that my descriptions used to be far more interesting than they've been lately; funnier, implementing bigger, more interesting words... but, anymore I'm all

 "Hey. Look at this drawing." and "I drew this. Now I'm done drawing this." 

The culprit is what I've been calling my "white girl with no real problems PTSD." My mom's been cancer free since late May, but I took a long time to get my mental and emotional faculties back to their previous levels of operation. This is sort of ridiculous because it wasn't ME that was sick... but when it's your MOM... that's rough, too. BUT! She's good now and I'm finally mostly sorta kinda almost back on my figurative feet again.

SO! Junk I've been working on!

First, is a commission! Ollie is an excellently handsome Golden Retriever who certainly has roamed this earth far too long without having an official portrait made. His owners decided to rectify that and, for some reason, asked ME to do it.

Who's a handsome boy?!

Next up is a two-year-old drawing that I've decided to finish coloring and repurpose for the cover of my work's writing publication.  It's not done yet, but I thought it was at least far along enough to make it fit for human consumption.

Last is a super humongous chunk of sloppily done silliness involving my ever-present struggle to draw a GOOD likeness of my husband. He's my absolute favorite person on this or any other known planet and I never can quite capture his particular brand of Joshiness no matter how hard I try. So here's another attempt to chuck on the pile.

Why a headless face? Why not?!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Duck Ninja or Ninja Duck?

The other day, my friend Fred sent me a request for a duck ninja. This isn't even close to the strangest drawing suggestion he's given me so I was more apt to agree than I usually am.*

Long story short: he's using it somehow in his middle school ministry. How? I have no idea. Go ask 'im.

So after a few failed attempts, here's what I came up with.

*usually I'm shaking my head "no" before he even finishes his sentence.