Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Try That On For Size

If you haven't seen this post, please take a moment to read it so you'll know exactly what it is I'm talking about here.

I wish I could've fast-forwarded the last three months as quickly as it took to scroll back to that post, BUT I am very happy to report that things have made a turn for the best since then. After three months of chemo, my mom's lung tumor was able to be surgically removed last week and, as far as we know, the cancer is GONE and she's at home, recuperating.

That's a beautiful thing, folks.

However, she did have three months of chemo and those three months have chemo have robbed her of all of her lovely hair. So I took it upon myself to design for her some cranial couture to entertain her until her hair grows back.

Here's my "template". I hope she doesn't mind that I drew her without hair. God bless her little bald head.

How about the duck from Groucho Marx's "You Bet Your Life"? WITHOUT the cigar, of course... because lung cancer. I'm not a TOTAL jerk. Geez.


 Giant Fish?

There are an infinite number of hats I could've drawn and I drew a lot of them! I just narrowed them down to the three weirdest, though, and we'll leave it at that.