Friday, May 15, 2015

Stuff I Did Today

Much of what I've drawn lately has ended up in the recycling bin. I'm in the middle of a dry spell it would seem. 

Today I drew an eyeball and built... something... around it. A sort of grouchy snail thing? I don't know. He sort of showed up and hung out with me for awhile so I figured I'd share him.

And this is from an art class I'm teaching at the retirement community where I work. I did this for demonstration purposes and was talking/otherwise distracted while I was working on it. It seems like that's a good tactic for me because I really like how it came out! My scanner didn't quite duplicate the colors as they are in reality but close enough...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Despite evidence to the contrary, I've actually been continually working on things even though I'm not posting them here. That's largely because they're not worth posting.

The reason for lack of quality seems to be my less-than-stellar mood. You might recall from a few posts back, that my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer back in mid-February. (For those of you playing along at home: she's doing quite well. The tumor's shrunk, she's coughing hardly at all, and her voice has cleared up a LOT. All good things.)

However, even though that cancer thing becomes "normal" after awhile... it doesn't really stop one thinking about it. Ever. And that's made me super-moody. I have a pretty low tolerance for people in general, cranky most of the time, and almost always preoccupied.

Mom, if you're reading this... Sorry. It is what it is. Stop having cancer and I'll stop worrying about it. Deal?

ANYWAY, today I tried to personify my mood... or at least put a grungy, lumpy, angry, misshapen face to it. It was sort of cathartic! Maybe I'll color him a sort of acid green just out of spite.