Saturday, March 7, 2015

Because You Have to Laugh

Cancer is stupid, folks.  I'm sure that's not any kind of news to most of you... but, it's especially stupid when it hits close to home. Like your mom. Moms should be off-limits to cancer but alas... cancer doesn't play fair, does it?

Two weeks ago, we found out that my mom has lung cancer. This is obviously not good. HOWEVER, there are a myriad of positives including that (a) it hasn't spread to anywhere else and isn't out of control (b) it's not as far-gone as most lung cancers are when they're found (c) she's young and otherwise healthy, therefore it's treatable, etc, etc. She's gotten a good prognosis and highly-trained medical personnel are confident that some smacks to the jaw with chemotherapy'll shrink it to a surgically-removable size.

This is all fantastic news. I'm aware that not many people with lung cancer are as lucky. It's worth mentioning that this woman has never smoked a day in her life.

SO... that brings me to yet another explanation that will then bring us to today's drawing...

My mother, for as long as I can remember... for longer than I've been alive... has been enamored with a certain Canadian singer named Gino Vannelli. She loves Gino. The second my little brain developed its own proclivity towards snarkiness, I've teased my mother mercilessly for this. We tease each other in my family. It's what we do. (It's worth noting that she operates within completely healthy boundaries and is not a security risk to Mr. Vannelli.)

Aside from teasing each other in my family, we also laugh. A lot. And laughing at this stupid cancer thing was never in doubt. We look it straight in the eyes and laugh at it for the ridiculous thing that it is. To help that laughing thing along... and in honor of her beginning chemo on Tuesday... I've drawn this for my favorite mother.

For the uninitiated, "I Just Wanna Stop" was one of his biggest hits in the '70's. Also for the uninitiated, here's a picture for reference:

I just dedicated a drawing to and posted a picture of Gino Vannelli on my blog. How's that for funny, mom, eh?

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  1. As a BIG fan of Gino myself, I love your post. I am sorry to hear about your mom and my best wishes to you all.