Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bath Mat Math Bat

My friend Meredith (who,with her husband and daughter, up and moved to Oregon several years ago never, ever, ever to be forgiven by their friends The Wells) had a conversation with someone wherein the phrase "bath mat" was substituted with "math bat"

Naturally, purveyor of odd drawing requests that I am, I was asked to draw a "math bat."

So I did! And It's breathtaking the lengths that I went to to NOT have to draw bat feet.

I deserve a medal.

This isn't colored. This is rough. This is sloppy. My Official Excuse is that I was busy at work today and this evening I'm going to see Star Wars. You can't begrudge me that excuse because STAR WARS.

So here's this:

And here's this upside down so you can see it better and marvel at how poorly that calculator is drawn.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Because I'm Lazy

I didn't send out any Christmas cards this year.

This is mostly because I'm lazy and because the majority of the people on my Christmas card list are people that I see in person at least once a week. However, I do have quite a few out-of-state people who are lovely, who send me Christmas cards, and who are deserving of some sort of acknowledgement after they spent their hard earned 49 cents to mail me a greeting.

For these people (and also for the rest of you) I've drawn this Squirrel Who's Suspects That You're Trying to Steal His Christmas Bulb.

So, y'know... Merry Christmas.

Also, in the name of shameless self-promotion, don't forget that you can now own your very own piece of Sarah Wells silliness by going HERE.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Open For Business

For years I've been circling around the idea of opening a store on Etsy. Today, I stopped circling and opened it.

SO! If you've ever visiting my blog and desired to not only VIEW my particular brand of silliness but to make it your very own... well... here's your chance.

There it is, folks. It's pretty bare-bones at the moment (only five things as of this writing) but I intend to add to it. If I waited any longer, I'd chicken out!

If you yourself can live without owning a piece of my silliness but you know someone who can't? Please share! Thanks and gracias and much appreciation.

Also... I changed the title of my blog! It used to be called "One Drawing Per Day" which was 1. boring and 2. no longer true.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Excessive Project Pictures!

I just completed the biggest project I've ever taken on and it didn't kill me.

This is surprising.

I was asked to design and execute murals for an entire children's hallway at my church. We needed something modern and clean to match a recent renovation, but it also had to be kid friendly. Because I get so anxious about doing murals, the stretch leading up to this one has been a challenging one. There are months of edits and planning behind the end result, but it was worth it I think.

Both hallways are 40' long by 8' tall. Thanks to a teacher friend, I was able to procure a short-throw projector so that my drawing could be projected onto the wall in segments, thus saving me the need to freehand everything on-site... a process that would've caused me sizable emotional turmoil and a straight jacket fitting.

I used a white conte stick to trace my drawing onto the wall. Thanks to my husband/logistical coordinator/moral support/cutest man in the universe, my drawing file was scaled and calibrated so as not to be warped or off level when projected. After that step, I outlined all of my chalk lines with paint and had some lovely folks come and help with the filling in of the solid areas.

I estimate my on site time to be around 15 hours. That's not including the same amount of time from my husband and the three or so hours each from my helpers.This was not a small job!

I am exceedingly happy with the results, though, and that's something I never say about anything I do.

Wanna see it?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Project Dump

While looking back at some of my older posts, I noticed that my descriptions used to be far more interesting than they've been lately; funnier, implementing bigger, more interesting words... but, anymore I'm all

 "Hey. Look at this drawing." and "I drew this. Now I'm done drawing this." 

The culprit is what I've been calling my "white girl with no real problems PTSD." My mom's been cancer free since late May, but I took a long time to get my mental and emotional faculties back to their previous levels of operation. This is sort of ridiculous because it wasn't ME that was sick... but when it's your MOM... that's rough, too. BUT! She's good now and I'm finally mostly sorta kinda almost back on my figurative feet again.

SO! Junk I've been working on!

First, is a commission! Ollie is an excellently handsome Golden Retriever who certainly has roamed this earth far too long without having an official portrait made. His owners decided to rectify that and, for some reason, asked ME to do it.

Who's a handsome boy?!

Next up is a two-year-old drawing that I've decided to finish coloring and repurpose for the cover of my work's writing publication.  It's not done yet, but I thought it was at least far along enough to make it fit for human consumption.

Last is a super humongous chunk of sloppily done silliness involving my ever-present struggle to draw a GOOD likeness of my husband. He's my absolute favorite person on this or any other known planet and I never can quite capture his particular brand of Joshiness no matter how hard I try. So here's another attempt to chuck on the pile.

Why a headless face? Why not?!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Duck Ninja or Ninja Duck?

The other day, my friend Fred sent me a request for a duck ninja. This isn't even close to the strangest drawing suggestion he's given me so I was more apt to agree than I usually am.*

Long story short: he's using it somehow in his middle school ministry. How? I have no idea. Go ask 'im.

So after a few failed attempts, here's what I came up with.

*usually I'm shaking my head "no" before he even finishes his sentence. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Work-In-Progress Post

This isn't done yet.

I'm not sure how far this is from being done.

I just know it's not done yet.

You might remember this drawing from a while back but I decided to recolor it. My haven't-posted-in-a-while guilt compelled me to post the as-yet-to-be-completed version.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I finished this guy up tonight. This wasn't a commission or anything... just a fun doodle that I decided to color. I like him!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Various and Sundry Assorted Miscellany

Things I've been working on that, alone, are not all that terribly interesting but, when grouped together, are still not that terribly interesting!

Ice cream!

Unfinished snakes!
 Random flamingo head because our computers were down at work one day!

Josh when I'm trying too hard to make him laugh!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Suddenly, An Elephant

I've made a mockery of my blog title by only posting about once a month. It's not because I haven't been working!

I have... ish.

February through early June was spent in the "my mom has lung cancer" funk, but I can't use that as an excuse anymore because it's gone (yay!). My motivation hasn't resurfaced. I lack any inspiration or creativity. As the kids are saying these days, I'm "meh." I think I'm getting less meh, though... Slowly.

So then there's this. A co-worker is having a baby boy and I'm doing this little guy for her little guy. I always feel pretty uncomfortable giving my artwork to people as a gift, though. It's an uncomfortable sort of itchy feeling of audacity that I never can quite shake.

This guy is going to be part of a bigger picture that includes the baby's name...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Try That On For Size

If you haven't seen this post, please take a moment to read it so you'll know exactly what it is I'm talking about here.

I wish I could've fast-forwarded the last three months as quickly as it took to scroll back to that post, BUT I am very happy to report that things have made a turn for the best since then. After three months of chemo, my mom's lung tumor was able to be surgically removed last week and, as far as we know, the cancer is GONE and she's at home, recuperating.

That's a beautiful thing, folks.

However, she did have three months of chemo and those three months have chemo have robbed her of all of her lovely hair. So I took it upon myself to design for her some cranial couture to entertain her until her hair grows back.

Here's my "template". I hope she doesn't mind that I drew her without hair. God bless her little bald head.

How about the duck from Groucho Marx's "You Bet Your Life"? WITHOUT the cigar, of course... because lung cancer. I'm not a TOTAL jerk. Geez.


 Giant Fish?

There are an infinite number of hats I could've drawn and I drew a lot of them! I just narrowed them down to the three weirdest, though, and we'll leave it at that. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Stuff I Did Today

Much of what I've drawn lately has ended up in the recycling bin. I'm in the middle of a dry spell it would seem. 

Today I drew an eyeball and built... something... around it. A sort of grouchy snail thing? I don't know. He sort of showed up and hung out with me for awhile so I figured I'd share him.

And this is from an art class I'm teaching at the retirement community where I work. I did this for demonstration purposes and was talking/otherwise distracted while I was working on it. It seems like that's a good tactic for me because I really like how it came out! My scanner didn't quite duplicate the colors as they are in reality but close enough...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Despite evidence to the contrary, I've actually been continually working on things even though I'm not posting them here. That's largely because they're not worth posting.

The reason for lack of quality seems to be my less-than-stellar mood. You might recall from a few posts back, that my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer back in mid-February. (For those of you playing along at home: she's doing quite well. The tumor's shrunk, she's coughing hardly at all, and her voice has cleared up a LOT. All good things.)

However, even though that cancer thing becomes "normal" after awhile... it doesn't really stop one thinking about it. Ever. And that's made me super-moody. I have a pretty low tolerance for people in general, cranky most of the time, and almost always preoccupied.

Mom, if you're reading this... Sorry. It is what it is. Stop having cancer and I'll stop worrying about it. Deal?

ANYWAY, today I tried to personify my mood... or at least put a grungy, lumpy, angry, misshapen face to it. It was sort of cathartic! Maybe I'll color him a sort of acid green just out of spite.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Because Josh Said So...

Several days ago, Josh and I were doing our civic duty and shopping at that bastion of American consumerism, CostCo. (They have a great price on Chobani yogurt. Don't judge.)

While we were there, we saw huge bags of cat food with the mysterious moniker of "Maintenance Cat." Without skipping a beat, Josh requested that I draw a maintenance cat (like a janitor) and had me promise there in front of the 25 pack of Bounty paper towels that I would.

What choice did I have? That guy on the Bounty package is intimidating.

On a completely unrelated note, here's another cover for my work's publication:

I sorta phoned it in on the flowers but, eh... not bad, overall.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Deck Duck

This morning my mom was awakened by a "duck quacking its fool head off" on her deck. Thankfully Zoe, my parents' intrepid West Highland White Terrier, was kind enough to scare off the invader.

Our internet was down at work today. All day. So I had time... I drew this.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wherein I Rag On New England

Between the myriad of things I'm working on for other people right now, I manage to squeeze in something silly here and there...

I was born and raised 40 miles south of Pittsburgh. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool, enthusiastic, vocal fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. And, as any good Steelers fan does, I also hate the New England Patriots on principle. Especially, their quarterback Tom Brady (patooey!).

Remember the opening of The Brady Bunch where all the Bradys are pictured in a nine square grid? My friend Ross suggested I draw a New England version of The Brady Bunch with our pal Tommy in the middle, surrounded by various bits of Patriot paraphernalia like the camera used to record other teams' practices, a flattened football, etc.

I started working on this today. I don't know if it'll go any further but I did get a pretty great picture of Sad Tom Brady out of it.  Sad Tom Brady is my favorite kind of Tom Brady.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Because You Have to Laugh

Cancer is stupid, folks.  I'm sure that's not any kind of news to most of you... but, it's especially stupid when it hits close to home. Like your mom. Moms should be off-limits to cancer but alas... cancer doesn't play fair, does it?

Two weeks ago, we found out that my mom has lung cancer. This is obviously not good. HOWEVER, there are a myriad of positives including that (a) it hasn't spread to anywhere else and isn't out of control (b) it's not as far-gone as most lung cancers are when they're found (c) she's young and otherwise healthy, therefore it's treatable, etc, etc. She's gotten a good prognosis and highly-trained medical personnel are confident that some smacks to the jaw with chemotherapy'll shrink it to a surgically-removable size.

This is all fantastic news. I'm aware that not many people with lung cancer are as lucky. It's worth mentioning that this woman has never smoked a day in her life.

SO... that brings me to yet another explanation that will then bring us to today's drawing...

My mother, for as long as I can remember... for longer than I've been alive... has been enamored with a certain Canadian singer named Gino Vannelli. She loves Gino. The second my little brain developed its own proclivity towards snarkiness, I've teased my mother mercilessly for this. We tease each other in my family. It's what we do. (It's worth noting that she operates within completely healthy boundaries and is not a security risk to Mr. Vannelli.)

Aside from teasing each other in my family, we also laugh. A lot. And laughing at this stupid cancer thing was never in doubt. We look it straight in the eyes and laugh at it for the ridiculous thing that it is. To help that laughing thing along... and in honor of her beginning chemo on Tuesday... I've drawn this for my favorite mother.

For the uninitiated, "I Just Wanna Stop" was one of his biggest hits in the '70's. Also for the uninitiated, here's a picture for reference:

I just dedicated a drawing to and posted a picture of Gino Vannelli on my blog. How's that for funny, mom, eh?

Thursday, February 5, 2015


It's been an entire month since my friend Amy asked me to draw flip flops drinking a daiquiri because (1) I asked for drawing ideas and (2) she hates winter (so do I!).  If you scroll back a few entries you'll see my line drawing of a flip flop drinking a daiquiri but I never went beyond that.

Well, never let it be said that Sarah Wells doesn't follow through with her promise of depicting inexpensive footwear imbibing in alcoholic drinks!

I threw this together pretty quickly tonight but it got me thinking of non-February sorts of things and that's never, ever bad.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Cover Me

The gap between this and my last post is not indicative of the amount of work I've actually been (or not been) doing. I've been working on stuff... I just forget to post it or it's not worth posting. Mostly, the latter.

However, it is that time that rolls around every two months... the drawing for the front of my work's writing publication.  Here 'tis.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Preliminary Scribbles

I've been asked to reopen my dusty brain for a somewhat dormant project I'd started for the children's wing at my church... this time going in a different direction.  I don't really have much to say about this for right now and it's not terribly interesting but here I am showing you, anyway. You're special like that.

For the record, I didn't actually draw the giraffe... I just yanked it off of Google for the sake of efficiency. I'm capable of drawing that and will for the final product... just not tonight.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Request Part I

As frightening a prospect as it was, I decided today to make a public appeal for drawing requests via Facebook. I actually got a lot of good ideas but the stand-out request was for flip-flops drinking a daquiri.

The frigid temperatures here in Central Ohio has a lot to do with that decision.

Due to time constraints this evening, I wasn't able to get it FINISHED finished, so here's my patched-together-in-Photoshop sketch and the initial (very sloppy) lined Painter version.

To be continued...