Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Don't Wanna Work

While at work today, I cultivated a grandiose plan that involved my arriving home this evening, eating dinner with my most excellent husband, and then locking myself in my office to WORK. Things were going to get accomplished! Paper would be filled up with inspired drawings that would spring feverishly from my pencil! I would develop a semi-permanent hunchback because of the hours spent bent over lovingly crafted lines!

...the thing about a grandiose plan is that it very seldom reaches its desired level of grandiosity.

Instead, I went to vote after work (because no matter what you might've been told, I'm a responsible adult), ate dinner with my most excellent husband (check!), spent too much time dancing around to 80's music in the kitchen while we cleaned up, and devoted the next half hour complaining that I was "tired and I don't want to wooooooooooork."

I finally smacked around and plunked down my sorry self in front of the computer and got to It. Often times I'll be hesitant to begin but once I do things will start to gel and I'll be happy I persevered.

Cut to a shot of an hour glass; of clouds passing through the sky; of sped-up traffic and fast-forwarded sunsets... cut back to my desk to find me distracted by Facebook and Pinterest and still whining that I'm tired and not in the mood to work.

I managed to accomplish a layer or two of color on yesterday's drawing before giving up to instead browse through vintage London Underground pictures on Pinterest while listening to 90's hip hop on Pandora.  

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