Sunday, September 21, 2014

Not Dead.

So... it's been awhile.  I have my reasons!

The biggest reason being that I was in England and Scotland for a criminally short amount of time (criminally short = only ten days).  Need proof?

Buckingham Palace where we were NOT immediately ushered in for tea with Her Majesty. A strongly worded Yelp review should straighten things out. See if I ever go back THERE again! This is an awful picture of my very-much-handsome better half but a cute one of me. My blog, I win.

The days leading up to this trip (which commenced on Sept 2) and the days after (we've been back a week now) have been hectic. Not to mention I've contracted the cold that Josh picked up in Edinburgh.

Surely, I planned to draw while we were away, right?  Yes, I did, but what that amounts to is that my sketchbook had an all-expenses paid trip to London and Edinburgh and essentially was not called upon to perform any duties other than guarding the inside pocket of my suitcase.  I drew a quick sketch of Edinburgh Castle in the guestbook of the apartment we stayed in but other than that? Nada. Walking 6-8 miles a day doesn't leave much energy for doodlin'.

So there you have it...a barrage of excuses. Work resumes as soon as I shake this cold and the post-amazing-trip-to-England depression.

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