Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hamsters. Lots of 'em.

Some friends recently acquired a pet hamster for their daughter.  Little did they know that this hamster was doing its very best impersonation of a clown car and was in fact harboring seven of its own tiny little hamster babies at the time of its adoption. Suddenly, their life consists of a mission to humanely rid themselves of seven tiny little hamster babies. 

Want one?  Let me know, I'll put you in touch.

I decided to have fun with the idea of what would happen should my friends find themselves unable to rid themselves of seven tiny little hamster babies... their multiplication is surely inevitable.

I show you these sketches to you with the following caveats: (A) I haven't drawn much for about a month (and I'm not proud of that) and (B) I drew them while hopped up on Kroger brand Day-Quil for this blasted cold that's still haunting me.

That being said...

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