Monday, July 21, 2014

An Old Doodle and a Young Doodle

I've not been great lately as far as random drawings go.  There's not been much room in my burnt-out/tired brain for non sequiturs.  My vacation grows ever closer... until then, I suffer.

Today was quiet though... something highly uncharacteristic for a Monday.  So I doodled.  I found myself with a face that looked like an old man so I added to it.  I wondered then, what the opposite of that would be so I doodled a hyper, messy kid.

Josh suggested (correctly) that the face on the old man is great but his body/posture aren't old enough... which is interesting because I spend 40 hours a week around folks in their 80's.  You'd think I'd would've picked up on some of that by now.


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