Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What the What?

What's with the pirate with the puckered face and a lemon?

He's part of a larger drawing which is mostly just to make myself laugh.  I anticipate having the rest of it done tomorrow evening so watch this space.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Don't Ask

What happens when a bug finds itself in literal hot water? The kind of water whose intended purpose was for tea?

Apparently, you get a drawing request.

Bug tea.

The very second I typed the period on that last sentence a fly landed smack in the middle of my monitor.  It made me laugh, therefore I shall let it live another day.

UPDATE: It landed on my monitor again.  After trying to get it to dance with my cursor, I decided it was no longer of use to me and has been terminated.  My benevolence only extends so far.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Joshiest Josh that Ever Joshed

You don't have to scroll back far in this blog to find an entry where I mention that my husband Josh is (a) my favorite person on this or any other planet and/or (b) seventy-five kinds of adorable.  I always try to draw what I deem to be the definitive Josh picture but I can never quite capture Josh's overall Joshoscity.  Sadly, I lack the skill to adequately portray Josh in all his Joshness.

So here's another feeble attempt at Joshifying Josh.

Monday, July 21, 2014

An Old Doodle and a Young Doodle

I've not been great lately as far as random drawings go.  There's not been much room in my burnt-out/tired brain for non sequiturs.  My vacation grows ever closer... until then, I suffer.

Today was quiet though... something highly uncharacteristic for a Monday.  So I doodled.  I found myself with a face that looked like an old man so I added to it.  I wondered then, what the opposite of that would be so I doodled a hyper, messy kid.

Josh suggested (correctly) that the face on the old man is great but his body/posture aren't old enough... which is interesting because I spend 40 hours a week around folks in their 80's.  You'd think I'd would've picked up on some of that by now.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Happy Customer

Yesterday, I spent several hours smearing paint on a wall in an attempt to make it look like something that will elicit "Awwww"s and "Gee Shucks" from those visiting the baby that's soon to be taking up residence there.

That's a pretentious way of saying "I painted a mural yesterday."

I'm quite happy with it, actually.  Whenever I paint a mural I go through several distinct emotional stages during the process:  relaxed, mildly concerned, blind panic when it doesn't look like I want, shaky resolve to persevere, and finally, relief.  Yesterday, I settled on "relaxed" early on and stayed there.

The owners of the wall (and their six year old) love it so what more can I ask for?

(Side Note: the bubbles are on the plain side because, eventually, they'll be used as a spot for placing whatever pictures the room's occupant would like to stick there.)

Monday, July 14, 2014


I have a particular pair of friends who seem to enjoy having me mar their walls indelibly.

Well, I guess it's not quite indelible... they could paint over it... they're too polite for that, though.

Anyway.  These lovely friends of mine are adding to their family in September and, since it's become a tradition of sorts, I'm to paint another something on the wall of their newest member's room.  

The theme is obvious.  My digital execution is sloppy and meant only as a rehearsal of sorts.  I'm sure the actual product will vary do to my guaranteed "stage fright" once I get there and the fact that colors never seem to mix right when you're standing in front of the wall they're to go on.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Self-Fulfilling Word of the Day

Earlier today on Facebook, my friend Fred shared with me a recent word of the day:


\ FOO-fuh-raw \  , noun;

1. a great fuss or disturbance about something very insignificant.

2. an excessive amount of decoration or ornamentation, as on a piece of clothing, a building, etc.

Remember that definition... you'll need it again.

He suggested I turn "foofaraw" into a drawing.  I've been starved for drawing ideas lately so I jumped on it.
My original intention was to use both definitions of the word in one picture.  I would draw a massively super big lasery cannony type of threatening weapon sort of thing that was squarely aimed at a little speck.  A detail bubble would show that the speck was actually a spider wearing Elton Johnian (Johnesque? Johncentric?) sunglasses, crazy boots, etc.  Next to the cannon would be an character of as-yet indeterminable type whose reaction was over the top considering the minuscule size of the spider/bug/whatever.

I got almost none of that accomplished.

What I did accomplish was the lasery sort of gun thing.  But I spent too much time on it and had no time left to get any of those other elements started.

Basically, what I did was turn the whole thing into a foofaraw.  Ah! Ah! See what I did there?!

Seriously, though... I just was too busy and spent too much time on one element to get any of that other junk done.  Makes for an amusing story, though.