Saturday, June 14, 2014


Recently, Josh and I took advantage of the lovely June weather and went walking in one of Columbus's MetroParks. While traveling along a particularly verdant pathway he, as he often does, took a moment to remind me of the similarities between our surroundings and that of Jurassic Park's.  (See this post and this post for an explanation)

In what ended up being a surprisingly academic discussion, we came up with the idea of a combination giraffe/velociraptor - the Velocgirafftor.  Extra scary because it's sharp little mean head is perched on a giraffe neck which is then attached to a raptor body on the other end. Physics and biology be damned - it works in our heads.

Incidentally, I believe conversations like this are one of the many reasons our ten year marriage is so successful.  Neither one of us is "wrapped too tight", as my mom would say.

I actually drew this yesterday but didn't post it because 1. I was out late last night and 2. I couldn't decide if I liked it enough to post it.

Here it is anyway.  Watch your fingers.

Only a cursory glance is necessary to notice my complete disregard for research of any kind.  The legs aren't even the same length and the neck could be significantly longer to better illustrate the idea.  I told you I didn't know if I liked it enough to post it.

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