Monday, June 9, 2014

Catch Up

Remember a little while back I mentioned the iPad-based illustrations I was working on?  This project has become one of those seemingly insurmountable, unattainable, impossibly difficult and frustrating-to-nail-down sort of deals.  I've done so many sketches, tried so many styles... nope, nothin' yet.

Here's the try du jour...

My official opinion is a solid "Eh."

When I haven't been working on that annoying piece of business, I've been trying to revamp another piece of not-as-annoying business... my business card.

I wanted to have the text of the card be in the "hair area" so I started out with this view, then I realized that it gives an inaccurate impression of how long my hair actually is (answer: not that long). 

Plus the eye is sort of dead looking and creepy.  I may not have the highest opinions of my own visage but I can say with confidence that I don't have dead eyes.

So I decide that instead of going out with my hair, I'd go up.  

This has quite a bit of required clean up before I color it and I need to tweak the eyes but I think it might work.

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