Tuesday, May 20, 2014

He's Real To Me

I have eleven cousins in and around my native Pittsburgh who I regrettably don't see nearly as often as I used to before I moved to Ohio.  One of these cousins (John) got married this past weekend.

John's older brother Mike was the best man and naturally gave a speech during the reception.  Mike decided to do what any big brother worth his salt would do during his little brother's wedding and tease John relentlessly about his childhood imaginary friend.

When John was a kid he had an imaginary friend named Bubba who would often leave to visit China.  John being the loyal friend that he was, would always welcome Bubba back from these frequent journeys by way of a Twinkie with a candle in it.

Now seeing as how I don't frequently see my cousins they have no way of knowing that if you even mention in passing that I should draw something for my blog... I'll do it.  John perhaps didn't know that his casual remark about me immortalizing he and Bubba's indomitable friendship on paper would result in this:

You give me a good drawing idea and I'll draw it.  Let that serve as a warning to everyone.

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