Monday, March 3, 2014

Whatever This Is

While I haven't posted anything since Thursday of last week, I have been working.  However, I haven't done anything really worthy of sharing...  I mean really not worthy... like, you'd thank me for not embarrassing myself, worthy.

Today's been a weird day.  At work this morning while walking from my car to the building, my foot found the single, solitary patch of ice that remained on the sidewalk.  After wrenching my right ankle, I went crashing down onto my left knee, embedding the pattern of the concrete in my skin during the process.  My Doctor Who coffee mug (what?) went flying but, miracle of miracles, only a tablespoon or so of coffee was sacrificed to the angry gods of winter.

It wasn't the twisted ankle, the scraped knee, or the wounded pride that was tragic... what would've been tragic is the senseless loss of coffee on a Monday morning. THAT would've sent me over the edge.

A plus for working at a healthcare facility is that there are nurses on-site who can neosporin-and-bandage-up the evidence of my astonishing lack of grace.

SO.... what does this have to do with today's drawing?  Absolutely nothing.  I just wanted to whine about it.

I started out today's drawing wanting to flesh out some sort of personification of winter, that gluttonous bully who's fed for too long on the tears of its helpless victims.  I found myself not hitting that mark but I kept drawing anyway and sort of ended up with this... whatever "this" is.

Some kind of troll?  I have no idea.  He's sort of a creeper, inn'he?  I guess I like it primarily because it doesn't look like I drew it.  I always love drawings of mine that I don't recognize myself in.  They're very rare.

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