Thursday, February 6, 2014

Testing... For Once

You know what I don't do?  Plan.  I'm terrible at doing thumbnails, practice sketches, and color keys.

This is funny because in every other aspect of my life I'm a planner.  For example, we're going to London and Edinburgh this year and I've already started obsessively planning every aspect of this trip that can possibly have a plan wrung out of it.

My drawings though? Nah.

Enough of that!  My sketch from yesterday?  Here's a practice color mock-up of it.  This is just raw color... no shadows, no highlights, no detail.  I decided that I needed to PLAN where my color was going to go and tweak it here and there, getting it to where I want it BEFORE I start in on the final.

 I have to wonder if that's why I abandon so many drawings before they're finished... I didn't have a road map going in.

Sometimes, I'm not the brightest.

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