Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Can't Be Trusted

A week or two ago I wrote about how I wasn't going to post something every day to eliminate redundancy if, say, I worked on a project but didn't make any progress worth displaying.

I'm hereby calling shenanigans on myself.

That less-frequent post solution was acceptable for about a minute and a half before I felt myself backsliding into my old habits.  Things like "I'm tired today and I don't feel like drawing" or "It's winter and my brain is filled with ice, snow, and hate" kept becoming viable excuses to not draw.

Not acceptable.

I've been feeling vaguely miserable for a few weeks now and that's why... so... beginning tomorrow I've gotta draw SOMETHING every single day again. 

I took the training wheels off too early and went crashing into a ditch.  This is me pulling myself back out, yanking the leaves outta my hair and starting over. 

So tomorrow I'll be back to ridiculous, not-always-good, silly pieces of business... because I'm a silly piece of business myself and I can't be trusted.

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