Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 469 - New Us

Tomorrow, February 2, 2014, marks the seventeenth anniversary of that most fantastic of occasions: when Josh and I became a couple.  We've been married almost ten years and we still like each other an awful lot.

Josh has been my most prevalent subject throughout the relatively brief history of this blog.  He's a good sport.  Despite the myriad of times I've drawn him, I never can seem to get it quite right.

For too long, Josh has been using as his Facebook photo a picture of himself that I drew almost a year ago.  I don't like it.  I can do better now... not much, but a little. At the time, I also did one of me to match.  Here, too, is a case of me being able to do better.

Tonight I did some very preliminary sketches of what I hope is an example of "me doing better." These were done with my non-photo blue pencil which I then darkened in Photoshop so as to make it more visable.


I like mine better than Josh's.  I need to make his head longer and his neck thicker... and he needs more of a smile to make him "Josh".  Far be it from me to marry a man who doesn't smile!

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