Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sketches From Aroooound the Wooorld

Yesterday and today's doodles pertain to a week long event we'll be doing at work at the end of March.  My questionable skills were called upon to design some simple things to represent several different countries, as the event theme is world travel.

The countries I've been asked to work with are Japan, China, Italy, Greece, and South Africa.  I've got some preliminary symbolic things for each country... except South Africa.  That's a tough one and I decided that today was not a "draw a springbok for the first time" kind of a day.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Charlie and the Sleepy Owners

This is Charlie:

Charlie is a very large cat.  Every night for the last two weeks, Charlie has decided that 4:15 AM is when Josh and I are THE most interesting people EVER.  She hurls her large self onto the bed and jumps back and forth between Josh and I and purrs her little heart out.

She also brings her toys along for the ride.

Monday, February 24, 2014

New View

I tried to draw something, anything, at work today.  The problem is, is that people seem to think it's, like, "my job" to answer the phone and, you know, "talk to people when they come in the front door" so that took a serious chunk outta my sittin' around time today.

So! I came home and worked more on the same illustration you've been staring at for going on seventy five years now.

HOWEVER... today you get a cropped, zoomed in version of the section that I started blending.  Ha!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'm Still At It

Still a'workin' away on this one, kids.  Have you had enough of looking at it yet?  Not as much as I have!

My own repetitive stupidity put me on the brink of hurling chairs in my office today.  I have selective amnesia when it comes to using the lovely backup system my brilliant husband has so thoughtfully set up for me.  As a result, a corrupted Painter file deleted several days worth of work and there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Sooooooo I had to "back it up" in that I had to go back to where I'd previously left off and redo everything.


So here's where I've caught myself up to.  Can you sense the anger seeping from my pixels?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Goat Guru

If you've read much of this blog (and I can't blame you if you haven't) you'll know that I gather every Wednesday evening with some of my favorite people whose immeasurable levels of silly I often gain inspiration from.

Among these silly people are farm-owners who have goats.  I've had several goat-centric drawings pop up here thanks to those particular goats and they once again acted as a catalyst for today's drawing.

I honestly can't remember what this even stemmed from but someone at some point called my farm-owner friends "goat gurus."

Not surprisingly, this was suggested...

Bonus points if you, like me, thought of the "Wally Llama" episode of Animaniacs.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another Rough Day

Someday this malaise I'm in will lift and the drawings will flow once again...

Today is decidedly NOT that day, though.  Today was a half-hearted boring rose followed by a frustrated, angry, face doodle day.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stuck in a Rut

You know... I've been sort of stuck in a strange zone where nothing funny or creative or interesting can reach me.  I'm tempted to blame it on winter.  As you may recall, I don't do well this time of the year.

It's irritating.

I just don't have it in me and must make myself do something which therefore renders me even more tired and frustrated than I already was.  It's a vicious cycle. Here's hoping that the arrival of daylight savings time in another few weeks will correct this defect.

In the meantime, I sorta have to get this done before the end of March.  I've finished most of the base color and have started in on as-yet-unblended shadows.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Me, Again

I've drawn myself a lot lately.  I'm not sure what that means.  Rest assured, it's not because I find myself so blindingly attractive that I feel the need to preserve on paper my own fine self.

I guess I just can't think of anything else to draw besides my silly face.

This is sharpened up from a sketch I did a week or so ago.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quick Saturday Project

My dear husband has been using for his Facebook profile picture a very old drawing I did of him.  I've wanted him to update it for some time now but, assuming it would be a change to another one of MY drawings, he had nothing to fall back on.

So today I did this...

It's actually his big ol' adorable disembodied head from the silly picture I drew of us the other day.  In my opinion it was the strongest part of the entire drawing so I done colored 'im up.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cheeseball with a Side of Sappy

Josh and I have never really been enthusiastic Valentine’s Day participants.  There’s no real reason for that other than the fact that the phenomenal human being that I’m married to shows me in some way, every day that he loves me and that I'm majorly awesome.  Therefore, Valentine’s Day is rendered redundant.  

That being said, this is my overly cheesy Valentine’s-themed drawing for Josh.  I still feel that THIS more accurately represents us but today I decided to go majorly cheesy.

I’m mildly concerned about this drawing because I have friends who know how to use Photoshop and have prior knowledge of things and/or persons that may also fit in that heart bubble.  Let this be a warning to any of those “friends” who may feel tempted to alter this drawing… Remember who you’re dealing with.

I have ways of seeking revenge and a public forum on which to post said revenge.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More Godzilla Work

How long have I been trying to figure out my business card now?  I don't know.  Too long.

Today, I redid Adorable Godzilla from the front.

Overall, I don't like it as much as the original.  So... back to square one, I guess.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This Again!?

It's my sincere hope that you didn't spend a sleepless night tossing and turning, the desire burning in your heart for the second half of the half-hearted half-hearth that I produced yesterday.  If you did, I'm sorry to tell you that your desire can now be classified as "unrequited".

It ain't gonna happen... move on.  There are other fireplaces in the... sea?

Random, Unsolicited Factoid:  I don't do well in the winter.  It's mostly the lack of light that gets me but the mind-numbing cold doesn't help matters.  Being that it's mid-ish February, I'm firmly within "bad winter brain" boundaries.  That's not an excuse for my lack of prolificacy... well... yeah, I guess it kinda is.

What I'm attempting to convey is that I don't feel creative when it's cold, snowy, icy, awful, terrible, and dark.

This was all I could muster today... just some base color on my "final" version of the color sketch I've previously shared.

Monday, February 10, 2014


In the market for half of a fireplace?

I pulled an art nouveau book off of my shelf to doodle from while we watched Breaking Bad (we're behind the times, so what else is new?).  This was poorly sketched from a picture of a fireplace that I arbitrarily stopped on.

I shall hereby blame the poor execution on my being caught up in the fascinating exploits of one Walter White and his unfortunate choice of fund-raising.

See? Half of a fireplace.

I imagine this might be your reaction to my half of a fireplace...

...and I wouldn't blame you.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Ah, you caught me... I didn't post anything yesterday.  I did work more on my color sketch, but I didn't have anything not akin to paint drying to say about it so I decided to stay quiet.

Today, however, I decided I was capable of drawing the entire thing better than I already had so I redid portions of it, changed perspective/angles, added a little more texture, etc.  I think I'm better off for it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

More Testing

I took a scheduled day off of work today just because.  I always have grandiose plans for these sorts of days and those plans never pan out.  TODAY I was going to get up early, run some errands, and work on art stuff for the rest of that day...

...what really happened was that I didn't wake up until 11:00 AM.  I decided not to go out so as not to repeat yesterday's episode of "How many neighbors does it take to unstick my Hyundai Accent from the snow in the cul-du-sac."

Eventually, I did work more on my color/shading test... only after I spent some quality time with Netflix.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Testing... For Once

You know what I don't do?  Plan.  I'm terrible at doing thumbnails, practice sketches, and color keys.

This is funny because in every other aspect of my life I'm a planner.  For example, we're going to London and Edinburgh this year and I've already started obsessively planning every aspect of this trip that can possibly have a plan wrung out of it.

My drawings though? Nah.

Enough of that!  My sketch from yesterday?  Here's a practice color mock-up of it.  This is just raw color... no shadows, no highlights, no detail.  I decided that I needed to PLAN where my color was going to go and tweak it here and there, getting it to where I want it BEFORE I start in on the final.

 I have to wonder if that's why I abandon so many drawings before they're finished... I didn't have a road map going in.

Sometimes, I'm not the brightest.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

That One Where I Stopped Counting Days...

I've recently contemplated putting a stop to adding a day number to my blog titles.  It served it's purpose for the 365+ days that I needed it but now I think it's time to cut it loose.

Here's me demonstrating reckless abandon, throwing proverbial caution to the wind and not numbering my blog post. ("I'm a loner, Dottie, a rebel.")

Yesterday, the written word version of punching myself in the face to get myself to come 'round again was posted.  As promised, I drew today and, considering the all out terrible, awful, no good, very bad day that I had today... it's not bad!

Artist friends of mine have started a Facebook group wherein a theme is chosen and those involved complete a piece of work pertaining to that theme.  Our first theme is "tribal" so today I researched all manner of tribal headdresses, etc, and came up with this...

I intend to use it as a practice piece for the application of textures in Painter.  That's something I'm not proficient with and this will be a good drawing to practice on.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Can't Be Trusted

A week or two ago I wrote about how I wasn't going to post something every day to eliminate redundancy if, say, I worked on a project but didn't make any progress worth displaying.

I'm hereby calling shenanigans on myself.

That less-frequent post solution was acceptable for about a minute and a half before I felt myself backsliding into my old habits.  Things like "I'm tired today and I don't feel like drawing" or "It's winter and my brain is filled with ice, snow, and hate" kept becoming viable excuses to not draw.

Not acceptable.

I've been feeling vaguely miserable for a few weeks now and that's why... so... beginning tomorrow I've gotta draw SOMETHING every single day again. 

I took the training wheels off too early and went crashing into a ditch.  This is me pulling myself back out, yanking the leaves outta my hair and starting over. 

So tomorrow I'll be back to ridiculous, not-always-good, silly pieces of business... because I'm a silly piece of business myself and I can't be trusted.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 469 - New Us

Tomorrow, February 2, 2014, marks the seventeenth anniversary of that most fantastic of occasions: when Josh and I became a couple.  We've been married almost ten years and we still like each other an awful lot.

Josh has been my most prevalent subject throughout the relatively brief history of this blog.  He's a good sport.  Despite the myriad of times I've drawn him, I never can seem to get it quite right.

For too long, Josh has been using as his Facebook photo a picture of himself that I drew almost a year ago.  I don't like it.  I can do better now... not much, but a little. At the time, I also did one of me to match.  Here, too, is a case of me being able to do better.

Tonight I did some very preliminary sketches of what I hope is an example of "me doing better." These were done with my non-photo blue pencil which I then darkened in Photoshop so as to make it more visable.


I like mine better than Josh's.  I need to make his head longer and his neck thicker... and he needs more of a smile to make him "Josh".  Far be it from me to marry a man who doesn't smile!