Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 465 - I've Had It

Winters in Ohio are not known for their balmy, pleasant temperatures.  Today as I was loading walkers onto the back of our bus at work, I thought to myself that if ever I regain feeling in my fingers I should dedicate a drawing to just how much I hate winter.

I drew this and then, this evening, decided to spend some time looking at illustrations and characters designs on Pinterest.  THAT was a mistake.  I had intended to work a bit tonight but the realization of how not-as-good I am compared to so many others, how much work I need to do, how much ground I need to make up, has paralyzed me.

I'll probably just go hide in the bathtub with my book.  Certainly not the most winning attitude I'm capable of but... tomorrow's a new day.

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