Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 461 - Hawk & Roll

Last night violent banging sounds emanating from our screened in porch caught our attention.  A quick peek through the window revealed that a HAWK was stuck back there, bouncing off the screens, attempting to escape... either that or it was failing spectacularly at lighting the grill.

Now while I'm not a card-carrying ornithophobic, I don't love birds.  I especially don't like to be in enclosed spaces with them so it was immediately clear that I was NOT the person to free the poor thing from its mesh dungeon.

Josh the Intrepid and Brave stepped forward, willing to defend our stronghold from this feathery foe.  Sarah the Cowardly and Craven, watched the behind the safety of double paned, insulated glass. And she had fuzzy socks on so that was nice, too.

Josh very slowly edged his way along the wall as he made his way to the door on the opposite side of the porch.  It was locked on the inside, so going around to the outside to open it was not an option.  The hawk seemed to realize that Josh was attempting to help it and not hurt it.  After some pinging off of the screens, it settled down as Josh swung open the door and ran out into the yard.  The hawk shortly discovered it was free and reacted accordingly, flying out over the head of the neighbor's suddenly alarmed cat.

I watched this unfold, praying that our hawk friend wouldn't decide to test the severity of its talons on Josh's face.

Today I've drawn for you a poorly composed, awkwardly cropped and not well-thought-out sketch of what might have happened if the hawk decided to turn defensive... and if it decided to grow several times larger than my husband...

P.S. You might be wondering how it got in there in the first place.  A very large gash in one of our screens seems to have been the cause.  The hawk busted right through it.

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