Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 459 - *teeth chattering*

Wind chills of -35 degrees, kids.  Welcome to January in Ohio.

More annoying than the cold itself, however, are the constant comments about the cold that I have to respond to being that I am a receptionist and am the first person people see as they come in out of said cold.

There are only so many ways one can say "Yep. It's cold." and I've exhausted all of them.  Twice.

I had this idea for a drawing that (in my head) was clever - everything is an ice cube, even the sun.  I started it and realized that it wasn't going anywhere yet for some reason I've felt compelled to share it, anyway.  I had originally intended to do a squirrel frozen in ice, someone walking a dog in ice, etc... you get it.

This is all the further it got before my cold benumbed brain gave up:

Still, that tree's kinda cool, right?  Like Doctor Seuss of the North.

Also, I've inched ever closer to a design for my face that will eventually go on my business card.  This is not meant to be the actual size/positioning of my card, only the drawing itself.

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  1. I like this one! It's a fun, magical way to look at the weather. :)