Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 458 - A Start

As I've mentioned previously, I need to redesign my business card.  It's not quite "me" anymore and needs some freshening up.

I posted this about a month ago. I like the general idea - part of my face and my hair.

Yesterday, Josh and I went to the Ohio History Center despite it being colder than a polar bear's tuchus here in Columbus.  Anyway, he took this picture of me in front of the Lustron House exhibit:

Why am I showing you this? Because I'm adorable? Well, no, but how lovely of you to say so... because I love my face in it - and I never love my face.  I look like a cartoon and immediately decided to use that face as inspiration for my business card. (My continuity is disappointing, though, isn't it?  I'm looking up and to the left... completely incongruous pose on my part.)

Now, I didn't want to draw myself as-is because (1) I'm trying to gain business, not lose it and (2) verbatim isn't my thing.  So I started out today trying to drum up a stylized version of my face.

Ever try drawing yourself?  It's hard.

To be completely fair, I was distracted a lot today... Between trying to figure out if we can fit a day trip to the town of Wells, England, into our trip itinerary, NFL playoff games and a new, somewhat shadily procured episode of Sherlock* I didn't get a tremendous amount accomplished.  I did, however, manage to crank out some decent eyes from which to build.  Sorta kinda.

*I could (but won't) write several days worth of blog entries about my level of adoration for this show. I won't. I operate firmly within healthy, normal boundaries no matter what my husband tells you.  Seriously, if you've never seen it do yourself a tremendous favor.

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