Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 468 - A Dramatic Reenactment

First: I realize it's been five days since I last posted anything.  Remember what I said about not posting unless it's suitable for public consumption?  Well... fill in the blanks.  I've been working on stuff but it ain't good.

So today I got a paper cut.  In a desperate attempt to knock the cobwebs of darkness and winter out of my cold-addled mind, I decided I needed to exaggerate.

Those of you who know me will be shocked (shocked!) that I chose a path of exaggeration... I never exaggerate.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 467 - More Monsters

My very sketchy monster done yesterday while in the throes of apathy inspired less apathetic and better thought out monsters today.

Why the sudden dedication?  Our internet was down at work today.

So... instead of obsessively researching London and Edinburgh as I've taken to doing lately, I drew monsters.

That one on the bottom with the mustache, though... it started out as a monster and ended up as one of my college professors.  I'm not sure what happened there.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 466 - Spur-of-the-Moment Monster

Yesterday evening I had a bit of an "I'm terrible, I'll never get any better; everyone else is better than me; why am I even trying?" fit.  I had to step away and allow myself to feel sorry for myself for a little while.  I did that into most of today.  This evening, I sat down at my computer to do nothing in particular and decided to doodle in Painter.

This guy showed up.  He's sorta fun.  I may let him stay around and sharpen him up a bit.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 465 - I've Had It

Winters in Ohio are not known for their balmy, pleasant temperatures.  Today as I was loading walkers onto the back of our bus at work, I thought to myself that if ever I regain feeling in my fingers I should dedicate a drawing to just how much I hate winter.

I drew this and then, this evening, decided to spend some time looking at illustrations and characters designs on Pinterest.  THAT was a mistake.  I had intended to work a bit tonight but the realization of how not-as-good I am compared to so many others, how much work I need to do, how much ground I need to make up, has paralyzed me.

I'll probably just go hide in the bathtub with my book.  Certainly not the most winning attitude I'm capable of but... tomorrow's a new day.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 464-ish - Texture Test

Since last Wednesday I haven't posted anything... this doesn't mean that I haven't been working.  I've been wading through various Painter tutorial videos, reading up on some things, practicing here and there and I did some alarmingly awful sketches while watching TV last night.

None of which you need to see.

Tonight, however, I decided that I wanted to attempt some manner of interesting background for my octopus that was drawn back in September.  I'm not sure if I'll stick with this or not but I wanted to try something with a little texture.  I tend to be very flat when I color things.

I'll get around to coloring the octopus, of course... I have to learn how to mask off parts of my drawing so that I can get a textured effect on there as well.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 463 - Us

If I had to sum up my relationship with my husband in one drawing what would that drawing look like?  That's what I wondered today so I decided to give it a whirl.

Have you ever met one of those couples who, while they might be married and love each other, etc, don't seem to like each other very much?  Josh and I are NOT that couple.  We like each other a whole heck of a lot and I'm never kidding when I tell people that he's my favorite person.  Ever.

So onto my drawing... Josh is very calm, level-headed and somewhat introverted, although not to an extreme.  Josh doesn't talk just to talk. If he says something it's smart or insightful or funny.

Then there's me...

I'm loud and I babble on forever and try my hardest to make myself laugh while dragging as many people with me as possible.  I'm the Tigger to Josh's Winnie the Pooh.  What's that? No noise or silliness has occurred for more than 15 minutes?  Allow me to remedy that!

This is us.  This is very much us.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 462 - Head, Not Blended

Hi. My name is Sarah and it's been three days since I've last drawn.

That's true... and I don't like it.  This is the time of year where the lack of sunlight and warmth reaches its sticky fingers into my brain to pluck out all of the creative energy leaving behind a boring, lethargic husk who just wants to lay around and watch Netflix.

So I haven't drawn for three days.  Yesterday Josh took his usual voice-of-reason/wonderful spouse stance and said "It's ok. Sometimes you just have to NOT work." He's right, of course, but it makes me itchy to sit still and not do at least something.

Tonight was no exception in the Lethargy Department but I drug myself kicking and screaming into my office and slapped some color on the front view of Adorable Godzilla.  I'm contemplating using him on my business card.

This isn't blended yet... I really and truly just slapped color on it.  Even left my little color keys on it and everything.  


Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 461 - Hawk & Roll

Last night violent banging sounds emanating from our screened in porch caught our attention.  A quick peek through the window revealed that a HAWK was stuck back there, bouncing off the screens, attempting to escape... either that or it was failing spectacularly at lighting the grill.

Now while I'm not a card-carrying ornithophobic, I don't love birds.  I especially don't like to be in enclosed spaces with them so it was immediately clear that I was NOT the person to free the poor thing from its mesh dungeon.

Josh the Intrepid and Brave stepped forward, willing to defend our stronghold from this feathery foe.  Sarah the Cowardly and Craven, watched the behind the safety of double paned, insulated glass. And she had fuzzy socks on so that was nice, too.

Josh very slowly edged his way along the wall as he made his way to the door on the opposite side of the porch.  It was locked on the inside, so going around to the outside to open it was not an option.  The hawk seemed to realize that Josh was attempting to help it and not hurt it.  After some pinging off of the screens, it settled down as Josh swung open the door and ran out into the yard.  The hawk shortly discovered it was free and reacted accordingly, flying out over the head of the neighbor's suddenly alarmed cat.

I watched this unfold, praying that our hawk friend wouldn't decide to test the severity of its talons on Josh's face.

Today I've drawn for you a poorly composed, awkwardly cropped and not well-thought-out sketch of what might have happened if the hawk decided to turn defensive... and if it decided to grow several times larger than my husband...

P.S. You might be wondering how it got in there in the first place.  A very large gash in one of our screens seems to have been the cause.  The hawk busted right through it.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 460 - We Be Jammin'

Yet another drawing request from yet another one of my friends who understands my propensity towards the preposterous.  His idea was a jelly jar and a loaf of bread... the bread says to the jar "That's my jam!" The jar says to the bread "Challah!"

Ask and ye shall receive.

I knocked this out so ridiculously fast this evening.  That's evident in the breathtaking lack of technical proficiency.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 459 - *teeth chattering*

Wind chills of -35 degrees, kids.  Welcome to January in Ohio.

More annoying than the cold itself, however, are the constant comments about the cold that I have to respond to being that I am a receptionist and am the first person people see as they come in out of said cold.

There are only so many ways one can say "Yep. It's cold." and I've exhausted all of them.  Twice.

I had this idea for a drawing that (in my head) was clever - everything is an ice cube, even the sun.  I started it and realized that it wasn't going anywhere yet for some reason I've felt compelled to share it, anyway.  I had originally intended to do a squirrel frozen in ice, someone walking a dog in ice, etc... you get it.

This is all the further it got before my cold benumbed brain gave up:

Still, that tree's kinda cool, right?  Like Doctor Seuss of the North.

Also, I've inched ever closer to a design for my face that will eventually go on my business card.  This is not meant to be the actual size/positioning of my card, only the drawing itself.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 458 - A Start

As I've mentioned previously, I need to redesign my business card.  It's not quite "me" anymore and needs some freshening up.

I posted this about a month ago. I like the general idea - part of my face and my hair.

Yesterday, Josh and I went to the Ohio History Center despite it being colder than a polar bear's tuchus here in Columbus.  Anyway, he took this picture of me in front of the Lustron House exhibit:

Why am I showing you this? Because I'm adorable? Well, no, but how lovely of you to say so... because I love my face in it - and I never love my face.  I look like a cartoon and immediately decided to use that face as inspiration for my business card. (My continuity is disappointing, though, isn't it?  I'm looking up and to the left... completely incongruous pose on my part.)

Now, I didn't want to draw myself as-is because (1) I'm trying to gain business, not lose it and (2) verbatim isn't my thing.  So I started out today trying to drum up a stylized version of my face.

Ever try drawing yourself?  It's hard.

To be completely fair, I was distracted a lot today... Between trying to figure out if we can fit a day trip to the town of Wells, England, into our trip itinerary, NFL playoff games and a new, somewhat shadily procured episode of Sherlock* I didn't get a tremendous amount accomplished.  I did, however, manage to crank out some decent eyes from which to build.  Sorta kinda.

*I could (but won't) write several days worth of blog entries about my level of adoration for this show. I won't. I operate firmly within healthy, normal boundaries no matter what my husband tells you.  Seriously, if you've never seen it do yourself a tremendous favor.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 456 - New Plan

This blog began out of necessity.  I had to make myself publicly accountable to draw something every day.  It was the only way to shake off the rust and apathy I had allowed to build up over the course of several years.  It worked beautifully and has quite literally changed my life in a most positive way and set me back on track.

 I feel good and I’m having fun again.

That being said, I feel like I need to take a slightly different approach now that I’ve got myself habitually drawing again.  I need to figure out what it is that I DO.  I need to develop a style and some cohesion in my work.  I need to improve my Painter techniques and work through my many rough areas.  Working through issues and trouble spots will produce a lot of iffy work… it’s a natural part of the process.  This is my way of saying that I’m not going to post something every day just because I HAVE to according the criteria that I initially set for myself.  I’m changing the parameters!

As I said, my new goal is to now figure out what my “thing” is.  I’m stylistically inconsistent.  I need to pick something, stick with it, and improve on it.  I love anything (persons/art/movies/TV) that’s intelligent and funny.  You want me to love you? Be funny and be smart about it.  I’ve got a modicum amount of brains in my head and a somewhat unorthodox sense of humor.  I’d love to combine those two things into something that *I* would love if someone else made it instead of me. 

So that’s my goal for this year.  I still intend to post several times a week, just not EVERY day if I don’t have anything worth showing off.  I have a network of people who will keep me accountable (i.e. smack me silly) should I slip back into apathy, although I sincerely doubt that that will happen again.

I also need to change the title of this blog to something more fitting of my adjusted outlook.  I've got to piece that one together, too.

SO... down to today's business.  It's a redo of yesterday's suggestion from Josh: Bigfoot on a Bicycle.  I didn't want to do it but he's taking me to London this year so I've gotta be extra super-duper nice to him or he might change his mind... and I'll go alone... and no one wants that.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 455 - Some Drawing... Mostly Whining

Christmas is over. New Years is over. My excuses for being lax in the drawing department? Over.

Currently, I find myself firmly planted in the midst of a dry spell.  I get these from time to time yet I never fail to become completely and utterly discouraged whenever it happens.

I haven't drawn anything that demonstrates any skill whatsoever for at least a week and thus begins the mental downward spiral that leaves me questioning everything I do.  Everyone is better than me.  I don't know what I'm doing. Why am I even trying? Etc, etc... It's the grown up version of a teenager's overly-dramatic Dear Diary crisis.

I'll be fine in a few days.

Until then the world is burning around me and I'm ready to throw all drawing implements within arms length into the inferno.

So! Moving on to what I actually drew today...

Josh, that Factory of Random that he is, suggested I try to draw Bigfoot on a bicycle in Belgium.  I thought I'd try it.  It wasn't good.  You don't get to see it.

So I came home and drew some arms instead... these are from the pages of one of my anatomy for artists books.  I also worked more on my Godzilla but I don't feel like posting that either.