Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 448 - LAME

L is for my LACK of imagination today.
A is for the ABSOLUTE lack of mental acuity I currently possess.
M is for... Mmmmreally not creative at all.
And E?  E is for... Eh.

I've been so, so busy these last two weeks with Christmas goings-on that I haven't had much time to just sit and be weird and be creative.  Today, my brain is on autopilot, performing only the most necessary functions like staying awake (barely), telling my lungs to breathe and inexplicably playing Elbow's "Hotel Istanbul" on constant repeat.

So when I asked Josh for a drawing idea and he said "a literal Taco Truck - a taco-shaped truck" I jumped at it, thinking I'd have no problem doing something fun with that.

As it turns out... No.

First attempt? Boring, not interesting... in a word: LAME.

Second attempt? Not as lame but still firmly planted within the boundaries of the Land of Lame.

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