Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 444 - Bah!

At this otherwise jolly time of year there usually comes for me one day at work that's so bad, so heinous... one day that's so chock full of funkitude where everything goes wrong that I feel like it's somehow being engineered by a sadistic puppet master. 

TODAY, friends, was that day. 

The only saving grace was the long lunch with coworkers at the Cheesecake Factory... and ensuing acquisition of that establishment's signature dessert.

I worked on Adorable Godzilla again this evening but I'm not even going to post my progress because it doesn't resemble progress to anyone but me (and even then...).  Had it not been for the availability of another episode of Cabin Pressure on BBC's website I wouldn't have worked at all.  I'll take motivation anywhere I can get it.

Appropriately enough, Blogger doesn't seem to want to accept my usual font and insists on publishing in THIS font instead. 

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