Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 441 - Stay Still, Charlie

Today I took a half day and Josh and I skipped our jolly selves down to our friendly neighborhood post office where the always chipper postal elves informed us that they were not in fact doing passport applications today even though they told us on the phone 20 minutes prior that they WERE.  We waved our wands full of Christmas cheer and persuaded the always happy, never ever grumpy government workers that they should stop being a cotton-headed ninny muggins and PROCESS OUR PASSPORT APPLICATIONS. And do you know what, kids? They did! It's a Christmas miracle!

I could say that I've been so busy with various Christmas-related activities over the last few days that I haven't had much time for silly things like drawing.  I could tell you that and what you'd really hear me saying is "I'm terribly lazy!"  And that would be true.

I worked more yesterday on my godzilla drawing but since not much progress was made I figured I'd spare you having to play the "What's Different?" game between that and the last version I posted (answer: not much).

Between sparring with surly postal workers and other actually fun things I did today, I only had the time to draw Charlie - who, sensing that stillness was paramount, decided to move every 5.7 seconds so that drawing her was almost impossible.

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