Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 430 - So THIS Happened...

Scroll back a few days and you'll find several references to an outlandishly insane drawing request I received.  I'm finally ready to show it to you... I think.

But first, in the interest of sharing the blame, I have to explain myself...

I was recently having a conversation with my friends Scott and Ross about something we'd talked about in Bible study that night.  As is the custom, several odd phrases that were stumbled upon in the Old Testament were combined and a drawing was suggested.  The root of this drawing is the phrase "pots of meat" and the word "pious".

Scott suggested I draw a "pious pot of meat."  I asked him how I'd visually indicate that the pot of meat was pious.  At this point Ross joined the conversation and things went awry.

Fifteen minutes later what I ended up with (to the tune of "Things You'd Find Airbrushed Onto the Side Of A Van") were the following criteria that this drawing must meet:
  • The aforementioned "pot of meat" - but on fire. Because... why not?
  • A wizard whose name is "Pious" as indicated by a name tag
  • A Flock of Seagulls haircut and a handlebar mustache.
  • A tiny hat with "wizard stuff" on it
  • Rock and roll fingers
  • Mountains and a wolf howling at the moon (in keeping with the "things from the side of a van" theme
I'm typing this and realizing that exactly THREE people will find this funny: myself, Ross, and Scott. Make that four... Josh thought it was funny because he's a lovely, supportive spouse.

On my first pass with this drawing, something happened to my Painter file and the entire color portion was corrupted so I had to start over.

This is sloppy, this is quick... but I did it.

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