Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 429 - And We're Back!

You may have noticed that I took a few days off... I'm not sorry for it.

Wednesday through yesterday were spent with Josh's family in North Carolina where we participated in that most American of excuses to over-indulge: Thanksgiving.

I did draw a few things for my seven-year-old nephew but he kept them so I don't have proof of the Lego helicopter I drew or Uncle Josh riding grandpa's motorcycle that I sketched for him.  Seven is that magical age where everything Aunt Sarah draws elicits a "Wow!" and Aunt Sarah was grateful for the mini ego trip.

It was lovely to not think about drawing for a few days, though.  If ever there was an excuse for a day off yesterday was it.  Between our nine hour drive back to Ohio AND the auspicious occasion of my 32nd birthday there was NO WAY I was picking up a pencil.

Today, however... back to it.  I had to get the cover for my work publication done by tomorrow.  I scrapped my idea from a few days back and went with this instead.  I'll again remind you that it's reproduced on a copy machine (to my immense displeasure) so I don't work that hard on blending, etc, since that'll all be lost.

Bonus picture from our road trip... Me with a hook I befriended at a Tractor Supply Co. store outside of Louisa, Kentucky.

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