Monday, November 25, 2013

Days 426 & 427 - Losses and Laziness

Remember my drawing request of epic proportions?  Yesterday, I sat down to put some final touches on it only to find that my Painter file was corrupted and half of the color had disappeared.

Because I'm a drippy artist-type I sometimes forget to do common sense things like saving multiple versions of the same drawing.  Fortunately, my line drawing was still intact.  Had that disappeared, my anguished cries would've echoed across the globe.

You still don't get to see it yet... not 'til I'm done.  And heck, I've built it up so much that when I do finally post it you're response will be "Oh... that's it?"

Moving on!

It's high time I got my little drawing for my work publication done since I'll be Thanksgivinginging it up this weekend.  This isn't done... this just just a bunch of basic, boring shapes that need some life injected into them but it's all I felt like accomplishing tonight.

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