Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 415 - The Great Debate

It's once again that magical time of year when Josh and I reawaken our annual debate about reindeer noses and antlers on cars.  An Example.

In one corner you have Josh, who thinks that reindeer noses and antlers on cars are funny and whimsical.  In the other corner is me... who finds them silly and mildly irritating.

It cannot be said that I don't appreciate whimsy.  Even just a cursory glace at the kinds of things I typically draw will prove that.  But reindeer antlers and a nose on your car?  C'mon.

Monday morning, while driving to work, I made my first sighting of the year.  When I told Josh about it, he suggested that I draw a deer with side view mirrors and a car bumper on its nose.

I decided I didn't want the bumper on its nose... so we have this instead.

Why does everything I draw have to have a sardonic expression?  That may actually say a lot about me.

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