Thursday, October 31, 2013

The REAL Day 403

Today we continued our long-standing Halloween tradition of turning all the lights off and hiding in the back part of the house.  The doorbell's dulcet tones were not to be heard all evening and there was much rejoicing.

That sort of makes the Wells sound like they're not fun.  That's not true... we've got fun comin' out the wazoo, we just don't need a holiday to mandate when we're to be fun.  How anti-establishment of us.  The REAL reason we don't hand out candy on Trick-or-Treat night mostly has to do with the large, striped feline that lives in our house.  She doesn't like the doorbell and we don't want her getting out.

Moving on!

Today I asked a co-worker what his kids were going to be for Halloween.  His son was going as Iron Man (solid choice) and his daughter had yet to pick between multiple princess options and a skunk.  The non-conformist in me says skunk all the way.  I suggested that she could always been a princess skunk if the decision became too arduous to make.

That turned out to be harder to draw that I had anticipated... my first sketch is ok but I struggled with the logistics of the tail (having never, to the best of my memory, worn/drawn/been in the presence of a skunk costume)

I switched up the pose on the second one (I like the first better, though) and it made it easier to position the tail.  I've got to find a happy medium between the two.

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