Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 393 - Silly Sassy Sasquatch

Do you know what this blog has been missing? Silliness.

 I wrote a few days ago that I've been so tired and stressed out from all my other projects that I don't have anything left to contribute to my much-needed mental silly fund.  A solution to that problem arrived last night in the form of a silly conversation about very silly things with equally silly people.  I can't recall the conversation in its entirety but it ended with someone asking if there were any colleges that had a Sasquatch as a mascot.  It was suggested that "Sassy the Sasquatch" should be someone's mascot if it wasn't already.

It's become the custom that, when something like this is said, multiple pairs of eyes turn in my direction. These people use me to bring their crazy ideas to life, like some sort of surrogate Dr. Frankenstein.

I love it!

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