Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 391 - Make a Little Birdhouse In Your Soul

It just dawned on me how utterly boring this blog has become over the last few weeks.  You know why? Because I've been so busy (and subsequently burnt out) doing paid commissions for people that I don't have anything left over to be silly with.

I sold out, man.

Anyway, in keeping with the "stuff for other people" theme, I give you birdhouses!  In what has become an embarrassingly long time ago, a coworker gave me two blank, ceramic birdhouses and asked me if I'd paint 'em up purty for to donate to our annual craft show on November 2nd.  At the time November 2nd seemed an awfully long way off.

I figured I'd better start thinking about it.

I understand fully that, without color, these aren't interesting.  One will be a sort of botanical illustration style and the other will be VanGogh's Starry Night.

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