Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 390 - Crisis Averted

In case you're just tuning in for the first time:  Friends commissioned me to do a tree and some characters from "The Gruffalo" in their two-year-old's room.  I began on Saturday.

What Happened on Saturday: I freaked out when things weren't going the way I'd intended with my mural and subsequently my mental state put a damper on my weekend.

What I Knew Would Happen Tonight: I'd show up to finish and everything would turn out just fine and life would again be sunshine and unicorns.

What Actually Happened Tonight: I showed up to finish and everything did turn out just fine.  As for the sunshine and unicorns... Well... I didn't finish until after dark but I did see a sort of big dog on the way home that could've been a unicorn if you squinted.

I brought Josh along to fill in some large, flat spaces of color for me while I did other parts.  It was a massive help and he's a massively wonderful human being for helpin' me out.  Here's the final product that has been color corrected as much as Photoshop would allow.  It's still not quite true to life, though.

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