Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 384 - If You Squint...

If you squint just right... these drawings look vaguely like cats.

I don't feel super terrific today... I feel like a cold bug might be circling my airspace and my immune system is doing everything it can to deny it landing privileges.  It's a standoff right now... we'll see who wins.

Because of my feeling crusty I didn't get much accomplished today.  I was very tempted to just give myself an off night on the couch but instead I started work on another color sketch for my church mural project. That's not fit for human consumption just yet so here's some sketches I did at work.

I was doing some very preliminary thinking about potential Christmas card ideas.  I've really got to brush up on my cat anatomy because I had trouble drawing a mouth in mid-bite.  As you can see, it never even got past my non-photo blue pencil sketch stage.

I have no idea how my paper keeps getting so crinkly lately.  I'll again argue that the crinkles are more interesting than the drawings themselves.

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