Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 382 - Keep Calm and... Just Keep Calm

I come from a long, proud line of highly impatient people... and I expect entirely too much out of myself. Last weekend when I'd started on my aunt's painting, I didn't see what I wanted to see within 20 minutes so I panicked and subsequently ruined the rest of my day (and the days after).

I did that again today.

Today's breakdown was accompanied by a tenacious soliloquy that explored the various reasons that I, Sarah Wells, should never have started this painting in the first place and how I should just give up on it, how I never was taught to properly paint, etc.  My poor husband absorbed all of my words and lovingly returned them to me in the form of gently worded encouragement.

Darn amazing husband and his unconditional support!

I walked away for a few minutes... changed up my music from Alt+J/Maccabees to a more soothing mix if classical pieces, opened the window to listen to the rain and... most importantly... I CALMED THE HECK DOWN.

I put a tremendous amount of unnecessary pressure on myself when I'm doing a project for someone else.

So picked my embittered self up off of my too-dusty office floor, plunked myself down in my chair and fought back against my oppressor.

Now, most of this is underpainting... and the greenish looking sections are erroneous and I've got to go over them.  Same goes for the gray.  I'm getting somewhere, at least.

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