Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 372 - Pastiche

That's a great word, isn't it?  People don't use "big words" enough anymore.  I use words like that on a daily basis and am often looked at in a manner suggesting I've arrived from another planet. Stretch your brain muscles, folks... it's good fer ya.

Anyway, today is a jumble, a hodgepodge, a patchwork, potpourri, and mix of random drawings.

First, my every-other-month drawing for the creative writing publication at work.  I find it increasingly difficult to draw things that will turn out well when reproduced on the copy machine.  This month I've decided that I'll just do a silhouette, fill it in with black and call it a day.  Obviously, I haven't filled this in yet.  Use your imagination.

Second, a member of the feline persuasion.  I don't draw cats well despite the fact that I have one and am able to regularly observe their general shape.  I'm not sure why I drew a cat today but it's one of the more successful ones I've attempted. Sorta. It's a bit cutesy.

Finally, tonight we hung out at a park with some friends and while everyone was talking I sketched a garbage can and, when I got bored with that, a something-weird-out-of-my-head.

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