Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 371 - Blech Part II

Today we commemorate the thirty-sixth anniversary of the day my husband arrived on the planet.  His birthday, of course... he didn't just show up in a spaceship in 1977 or anything.

Attempting to draw a picture as a birthday homage on a day when drawing doesn't come easily is frustrating.  I was having another off day today so my plans to draw Josh as a pirate or as one of the kids from The Goonies or as an 8-bit video game character crashed, burned and were magnificently unsuccessful.

During one of the many Google image searches I conducted for reference material, a picture of Speed Racer popped up.  I can't stand Japanese animation but I thought it'd be fun to draw Josh in the Speed Racer pose with his Saturn SL in the background.

Guess who can't draw cars on a good day? Moi.

Guess who can't draw her husband as a Japanese cartoon character either?  Yeah, you guessed it.

I did this little sketch as well...  I thought it was kinda nice.

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