Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 369 - I Don't Wanna Talk About It

My beloved Pittsburgh Steelers... My beloved Pittsburgh Steelers with their six Super Bowl titles, their winning legacy, their overall consistent excellence... My beloved Pittsburgh Steelers are now 0-3 for some inexplicable reason.  It's not for my lack of screeching at the TV, I assure you... goodness knows enough of that was done tonight.  They haven't been 0-3 since 1986.  I was five.  (correction: it was apparently in 2000 that the Steelers were last 0-3.  So I was 18. It doesn't make any better.)

I actually started out calmly tonight... sketching my foot while watching the game.

Things started getting ugly... I was sketching less and yelling more... Finally, I decided I needed to vent my emotions in a non-verbal way that wouldn't drive Josh to his office and scare the cat.

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