Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 368 - Lessening My Stress

Several times over the last few days I've mentioned that I have a lot on my plate right now as far as commissions go (and that this is a good problem to have).  In an attempt to have less to lay awake at night thinking about, I was determined to get some solid work done today.

Guess what? I did!

One of the things that's been stressing me out the most is the series of murals that I'm working on for my church's children's wing.  I've already posted many drawings related to this and you'll see many more until we're done.  In addition to a mural on either side of a very long hallway, there are four other rooms to design, two of which have a mural on two walls, the other two have one wall each. All of them have a nautical theme.

 The folks who have the final say want to see what amounts to basically a smaller version of what the walls will actually look like.  Today I scaled down the proportions of the wall and drew out my designs on the back of scraps of mat board I've had lying around.

They're long and had to be scanned in two parts.  Photoshop's photo merge wasn't playing nice so there's a bit of a shadow on all of these.

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