Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 367 - You Had To Be There

Yesterday, Josh and I went to a barbeque restaurant for dinner.  I ordered a half slab of ribs and Josh had pulled pork on a bun with hushpuppies.  We had the following conversation when Josh started to read our receipt:

Josh:  The receipt lists our dinner as "Half Slab" and "Pork Bun".
Me: Those sound like nicknames from a silly cop movie or something.
Josh: You should draw that.
Me: I could pose them like Charlie's Angels or something. (I posed like I was holding a gun out to my side). Not a regular gun, though... what would they use instead?
Josh: A gun... (looks down at his plate)... that shoots hushpuppies!
Me: Ooooook... What does that look like?  How could I visually convey that it's not just any gun but one that shoots hushpuppies?
Josh: I have no idea.You could... ummm....write "gun that shoots hushpuppies" and draw a line pointing to the gun.

You know those couples that you see in restaurants that never talk to each other because they've run out of things to say?  Is it evident that that is not a problem in my marriage?

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