Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 363 - Monday Night Motivation

My first day back at work after vacation was exhausting.  If it wasn't for my beloved Steelers on Monday Night Football this evening, I wouldn't have worked as long as I did.

We cancelled our cable subscription several months ago which leaves me without ESPN on which to watch tonight's game.  Enter a lovely AM station here in Columbus that carries the Pittsburgh radio broadcast of the game.  That was motivation enough to keep me at my desk, near the radio, to knock out a little more on The Donut Friar - one of the many commissions I have on my plate right now.

If you realized the extent of emotional turmoil I experience during a typical Steelers game you'd ask me why I chose to work on finalizing a piece for a client while listening.  You'd ask me that and I'd tell you to "shhhh!" because the game is back on.

This isn't done yet... I was too tired to truly finish it but I hacked away a little more at it, anyway.  The scan really does it no favors.

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