Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 351 - Bah!

The word of the day today, kids, is "misanthropic" because that is an apt description of my outlook. Maybe it's just the only child in me or the closet introvert but sometimes I just want to hide in a cave and never talk to anyone, ever, at all, ever again....never.

I was so busy at work today that I literally had no time to draw.  I'm not one to misuse the word "literally" so please understand that I literally mean that I literally had no free time today with which to draw.  By the time I got home I was feeling so acrimonious that all I wanted to do was find that aforementioned cave to hide in but I had to draw... I'm sixteen days away from a solid year for this blog and there's no way I was going to let a little crotchety mood stop me.

Beginning on Thursday, I'm teaching a drawing class at the retirement community where I work.  I took a few of the objects we'll be drawing and set them up in my office.  I decided that of all the music in my Grooveshark playlist, Radiohead was the moodiest (and therefore the most suited to my state of mind) so I put that on and set to work.

As it turns out, Radiohead makes me crankier when I'm already cranky... good to know.

I'm in the kind of mood where I was mad at my 2H pencil for not being a soft enough grade of graphite but yet feeling spiteful enough that I didn't seek out a softer pencil just on principle.  The result of all of this nonsense is pictured below.

Have I mentioned I'll be on vacation in four days?  It's about &$%@! time, too.

I also neglected to mention that someone racked up several thousand dollars worth of charges on our credit card today.  Thankfully, it's been rectified.  Thanks a lot, anonymous jerk.  I send many a colorful word and rude gesture in your general direction.

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