Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 349 - Slapdash Sunday

My idea of "high fashion" is when I have to stand on my tiptoes to reach a Steelers t-shirt from my closet. So why is the September 2013 issue of Vogue on my desk?  Let's just say that I had a particular interest in one of the articles in that issue. I'll remain cryptic to hopefully spare any facetious comments I'd receive from my husband and friends. I'm teased relentlessly as it is.

Anyway! Imagine my delight when it was among a stack of magazines that someone donated at work. I'd never buy it otherwise... I have no interest whatsoever in things such as $800 purses and shoes that warp the internal workings of your feet.  My current purse was $4 at the thrift store and I wore Keds on my wedding day, for goodness sake.

I'm continually digressing today... anyway... I'm not great at drawing clothes so I thought I'd flip through a few ads and sketch some various outfits that only look good on exceedingly Photoshopped models.  The results are decidedly "Eh"...

Guess I need to keep working on it.

I did another to-scale mural drawing as well.

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